Originally posed August 12, 2014. Updated June 2015.

*This is part of a sponsored campaign with Being Latino and Cox Communications. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Writing, cooking and food photography are a few passions of mine that I have the fortune of sharing face-to-face with my friends, family and clients, and on a public platform via my website and social media. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), I have a ton of fun blending all of my passions and showcasing how living a healthy lifestyle adds quality to life.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

~Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Over the years I’ve learned that in order for people to believe in this notion and invest their time and energy into any permanent healthy lifestyle changes, they don’t simply want to hear and/or read about it, they want to see it how it’s done through beautiful photos, graphics and engaging videos and tutorials. People also want to feel supported in their efforts to achieving and maintaining good health and building an online community that encourages success has served many well–even yours truly!

The most effective way I’ve been able to spread my message of health and wellness to folks all around the globe is through wireless Internet. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to post photos and recipes on my blog, share my opinions about health initiatives via social media, send editors my articles on the health benefits of certain foods or debunk the efficacy of the latest fad diet! I love that I can upload a short video about the meal I’m preparing my family and no matter where I’m traveling (like Fargo, ND–where I happened to be last week and snapped this photo while I was working late at night!), I can update my friends, family, clients and social media communities on the latest information I’ve learned at a conference, meeting or site visit. Without quick and efficient wireless service, none of this would be possible.

Thank goodness for innovation and amazing service like that from Cox Communications. They’ve recently rolled out their One GIG Internet or “GIG Life” campaign (#CoxGIGLife). Have you heard about this? Information can be uploaded and/or shared at crazy-fast speeds and allow me to sidestep any frustration caused by  s l o w  service. Gone are the days of dial-up (ohhh…the dreaded sounds of beeping and static while getting “connected”), and thanks to Cox Communications I can access and share information faster than ever since they’ve extended their ultra-fast Internet service to residential customers. Yes!

Since Cox has helped me maximize my time, I get to do more of what I love. Whether it’s playing basketball with my son, helping my daughter out with her latest crafty project, heading out for a bike ride in the desert or creating new recipes for my blog, I have more time to enjoy doing things that make life, well…better. Yeah, I’ll probably take (and share) some photos and videos along the way…because, after all, this is life and it moves fast, so take time to enjoy it, remember it and cherish it.

What would you do with extra time?

Spend more time enjoying life!


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