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Christy was is a contributing editor for Food & Nutrition Magazine and the health and nutrition columnist for Perimeter Bicycle Association's TailWinds outdoor fitness magazine for five years. Christy was also the inaugural LifeWorks Food and Fitness blogger for the global employee resource company Ceridian Corporation. Her work has been been featured in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics web site, Food & Nutrition Magazine in addition to numerous national web and print publications.

Writers for Latina magazine, United Healthcare, Furthermore Equinox, U.S. News and World Report and Food Network's Healthy Eats blog have quoted Christy's expert advice about food, health, and wellness. Her speciality is translating complicated nutritional science into simple and sound health messages. 

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Christy works with food brands, commodities, companies and non-profit organizations as a food blogger, food photographer, recipe developer, media spokesperson and social media influencer. Collaborating with organizations that align with her mission to promote foods and products that make healthy eating simple, convenient and affordable, Christy communicates with her audience in an effective, no-nonsense way. To hire Christy to promote your brand/product, fill out the contact information at the bottom of this screen.

Healthy Cookshops 


Born out of her love of both food and nutrition, Christy has been teaching nutrition-focused cooking classes since 1999. Her classes and demonstrations for small and large groups are both educational and entertaining. Whether she's in a conference room or a kitchen, Christy highlights the health benefits of eating for wellness and shows you exactly how to accomplish this.

Christy’s hands-on "Cookshops" bring high-quality nutrition instruction by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to life in your own kitchen. Learn health facts and cooking tips about the foods you’re creating healthy, flavorful meals with from an expert in the field. Cookshops and demos are true to their motto: “Where good food and good nutrition meet.”

Demos run a minimum of 30 minutes. Cook-shops are a minimum of two hours. For inquiries, complete contact information below.


Making healthy foods look beautiful in photos started out as a fun to-do on her iPhone after teaching cooking classes. After upgrading her camera and dedicating herself to learning more about lighting, styling and editing, her photos began receiving more attention and have been featured in Shape Magazine, Food & Nutrition Magazine, and Men's Fitness. All food photos on this site have been shot by Christy, unless otherwise noted. Check her blog posts, social media accounts and Photo Gallery for samples of her work.

Speaking & Demonstrations

LATISM Our Latino Diet Panel

Vibrant, thorough and inspiring, Christy's ability to capture an audience to deliver a sound health message is unfailing. Whether it's a group of two or two hundred, Christy brings her knowledge of food, nutritional science and experience in patient care to the forefront to speak about current health topics. From school-aged children to teenagers to adults, Christy has spoken to audiences of all ages about healthy snack ideas, diet trends, and the science behind dietary fats. She presented a series of lunch hour wellness talks and cooking demonstrations to clinical and administrative staff at El Rio Community Health Center sites. She has presented wellness talks and demos for faculty and students at University of Arizona. Christy has been a featured speaker and professional panelist at local, state and national conferences, including Arizona Dietetic Association, ACF Chef's Association of Southern Arizona and LATISM.  Complete contact information below for inquiries.

Fiesta Flavors by Christy Wilson, RDN

Fiesta Flavors at LPC3

What started out as a fun activity to bring into her own children’s classrooms when they were younger, Christy developed short nutrition lessons in honor of National Nutrition Month for elementary aged school children that delivered healthy food facts in a fun and interactive way. In 2018, Christy took these lessons from Arizona to New York and the response was phenomenal—as reflected in these photos! In 2019, she branded the lessons and will continue to bring the “fiesta” to elementary schools across the nation.

Mission: Educate and empower children to make healthy food choices by learning simple food and nutrition facts by engaging them in a joyful, interactive and hands-on health lesson. 

Description: Fiesta Flavors by Christy Wilson, RDN, is a nutrition education lesson for elementary aged school children developed and taught by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Lessons range from 45 to 90 minutes in length and include a health information and fun food fact sharing section, interactive game playing that incorporates information shared in fact sharing section, and a hands-on, fresh food snack section where the children prepare (and eat!) their own creative funny-face snack using fresh ingredients provided by Christy.

Target audience: Kindergarten through fifth grade school children. 

Lesson type: Nutrition and health instruction, question and answer, interactive game playing, hands-on snack preparation.

For more information about Fiesta Flavors lessons, fill out the contact information at the bottom of the screen.

Fiesta Flavors at LPC1
Fiesta Flavors at LPC2
Teaching Fiesta Flavors at Leadership Prep Canarsie in Brooklyn, NY.

Teaching Fiesta Flavors at Leadership Prep Canarsie in Brooklyn, NY.


Personalized hand-stamped silverware by Love Punched

What an awesome and entertaining cooking experience. I learned so much about the nutritional value of what I thought to be the ‘healthy’ alternative. Thank you so much for this delicious and enjoyable experience.
— Participant, Healthy Cookshop
If you want a fantastic cooking experience with a wonderful cooking teacher, Christy is the perfect choice for you. It was two hours of learning great healthy recipes and learning excellent cooking skills. Thank you for teaching us these fabulous skills. The food was delicious!
— Erika C., Healthy Cookshop hostess
Loved the class! Informational, entertaining and super delicious! I think this is a great way to encourage those of us intimidated by the kitchen to be more adventurous and interested and invested in the nutritional value of what we eat. Great interactive and hands-on approach—makes it that much more engaging. Thank you, Christy!
— Martha B., Healthy Cookshop hostess
Thank you so much for the wonderful class! The food was absolutely delicious and so easy to make. I can definitely see myself making all three recipes for my family. I still cannot believe the mousse was made with tofu. Thank you!!
— Trisha B., Healthy Cookshop participant