*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with California Strawberries, however all opinions, experience and enjoyment of strawberries are completely my own!

When it comes to deserts in my house, I keep things super simple. I am not a great baker and I have no time to dedicate to making intricate confections, so I stick to desserts that are more assembly type dishes: fruit salads, frozen popsicles and parfaits. Although they may look fancy, they are deceptively simple to make and include ingredients I feel good about eating and feeding my family.

Contrary to popular belief and despite the fact that I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I do indulge in sweets now and then and I loooove chocolate! 🍫 How do I indulge, you ask? Well, preparing my Chocolate Strawberry Crunch Parfaits is one way I satisfy my cravings. To wrap up National Strawberry Month, I've collaborated with my friends from the California Strawberry Commission and created this decadent dessert that is easy to whip together for any occasion. I simply took sugar free instant chocolate pudding mix and added Greek yogurt and a bit of whipped topping to it, making the pudding richer and creamier, yet still super light. Then, I added diced, fresh, sweet California strawberries into both the pudding mix and in between the parfait layers (that include chocolate graham cracker crumbles. Yum!) , which adds a heavy dose of immune-boosting vitamin C and blood pressure lowering potassium!* If you are looking for a tasty way to get your serving of eight strawberries a day (#8aday) into your diet, this is the recipe for you!

Is your mouth watering yet?! To find the full recipe, click on over to California Strawberries website and try out my Chocolate Strawberry Crunch Parfait recipe that is not only fun to make with the kids, but is also impressive to serve to a room full of party guests. Also, show everyone how you #8aday by posting a photo or video to the CA Strawberry Facebook page or in the comments section of a post, or post a photo or video on Instagram and use #8ADay. Five winners will be randomly selected to win a healthy prize pack!  


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Chocolate Strawberry Crunch parfait