*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with California Strawberries, however all opinions, experiences and enjoyment of strawberries are completely my own!

March is here. March is here? Wow...March is already here! Feels like only yesterday I was buried in wrapping paper and sending out Christmas cards. As busy as the holiday season was, March seems to be almost as crazy for me--but in a good way. Not only do I get to celebrate lots of family birthdays (including my daughter's, my sister's and my dad's) and the Easter holiday, March also happens to be National Nutrition Month (NNM)! As nerdy as it may seem to some of you that I actually get excited about National Nutrition Month...the truth is, yes, I really do get jazzed about this important national health observance.

This year’s NNM theme is “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right,” which encourages everyone to take time to enjoy food traditions and appreciate the great flavors and social experiences food can add to our lives. One way I “savor the flavor of eating right” is by eating foods that taste good and are good for me and my family –  like delicious,  California Strawberries. This year I've been selected as a California Strawberries ambassador and I'm proud to say that you will be seeing lots of strawberry info from me including recipes, contest notifications (keep reading below!) and facts about this fresh and flavorful fruit!

Did you know clinical research suggests that only eight strawberries a day can help support brain & heart health, help manage diabetes and reduce the risk of some cancers? Here are a few more important strawberry facts:

  • One serving of strawberries (8 medium) has only 45 calories, 7 grams of natural sugar, 3 grams of fiber and more vitamin C than an orange
  • Strawberries are easy to prepare and available year-round (YES!)

As busy as I am, eating nutrient rich foods remains a priority. One recipe that helps me stay on a healthy track is my Strawberry Overnight Oats creation. I add everything into a mason jar, set it in the fridge and the next morning, I simply top it with fresh strawberries and almonds and I'm out the door! Make several of these at once and you have a tasty and convenient breakfast all week long.

To help celebrate National Nutrition Month, grab this recipe and/or to enter a photo contest to win a Fitbit Charge, head on over to the Heart of Farmers blog. 

How do you #8aDay? 

Fresh, whole food ingredients will keep you nourished and help keep you feeling energized all day long!

A slow oats recipe for a quick and healthy breakfast or snack the next day! 

Set it and forget it! A quick and healthy breakfast awaits you the next morning.

Add the milk of your choice (animal or plant-based) to this overnight oats recipe.  Check your label to be sure your milk is fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

Mix all ingredients in a mason jar and store in refrigerator overnight.